Connecting the World to

Who we are

Holistico emerged from the simple idea that small business owners deserve the time to focus on what matters most: their customers. Our software has transformed that vision into the world's leading wellness services marketplace, linking hundreds of thousands of passionate health, wellness, and beauty professionals to the millions of clients they serve.

Core Values

As a company, we strive to uphold the five guiding principles that make us who we are and shape where we’re headed.

Flexible & Easy

Intuitive software built by wellness professionals, for wellness professionals

On Time

Built on robust, cloud infrastruture, we aim to be always accessible year round


Consistancy, reliability and ease of use are the core principles of our platform


We strive to uphold the five guiding more principles that make us who we are

Our Mission

Holistico strives to help service professionals reach their objectives through innovative and intuitive product offerings, Our products and services are designed with ease of use in mind, to take the guesswork out of business operations, giving each business all the ncessary tools to thrive —no matter the size.

Our Benefits



A sleek calendar easy to use across all devices


Payment Processing

The complete solution for all your payment needs


Reporting and Analytics

Run extensive reports accross all aspects of your business


Online booking

Allow your clients to book, anytime, anyplace



Easily send appointment reminders and broadcasts



Use coupons and promotions successfuly

“ Finding ourselves frustrated with the tools on the market, and their price points, we aimed to develop a better service that would be accessible no matter the size. ”

Imanuel Ross, CEO

“ Built with the latest technologies, with the customer experience in mind, to be fast, easy to use and incredibly secure and robust. ”

John Doe, CTO